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Custom illustration for website

5 reasons to use custom illustration for your website

In the digital age we live in, your online presence is an important representation of your brand. 

Custom illustration can help you speak with your target audience using your unique brand voice. It will also help you improve engagement in an increasingly competitive market.

In this blog post I will explain why you should use custom illustration for your website instead of stock illustration.

1. Bespoke illustration is a long-term investment

Turning to stock imagery might seem the quicker way to build your online presence but that comes at the cost of uniqueness. You shouldn’t think of illustration simply as something pretty that sits on your website. Illustration can be your tool to communicate with your audience using your unique voice. 

Even though stock illustration offers the perfect way to get illustrations for a relatively small investment, it’s a time consuming activity. You probably agree that is better for your business to focus on bringing new clients through the door instead of spending hours browsing stock illustration.

2. Custom illustration is able to communicate an abstract message

Mental heath illustration
Mental health illustration in response to an article sharing advices on how setting aside time during your day to go out on walks can help you when experiencing burnout.

One of the most powerful ways illustration will help you, is by communicating an abstract idea that is difficult to convey through text. Think about emotions or ideas for example. 

Illustration becomes a great tool you can use at your advantage to communicate complex concepts in an easy and approachable way.

3. Personalised illustration improves branding

Making your brand stand out is harder than ever and using stock illustration doesn’t benefit your brand awareness. Other brands in your niche might be using the same stock illustration, so it will be difficult for your costumers to remember you.

Using custom illustration for your website and social media presence will strengthen your brand voice. Working with an illustrator offers you the opportunity to give a great input in the creative process. It makes possible for you to communicate your message exactly the way you want, instead of settling for what you can find available as a stock illustration.

4. Custom illustration speaks to your target audience

custom illustration for website - how to speak to your target audience
The cover of Australian magazine Frankie in 2012 on the left and in 2018 on the right.

When developing your brand voice the most important aspect to keep in mind is your target audience. Ever more brands appealing to a young female audience make use of illustration and this trend is destined to grow.

5. Illustration can improve engagement 

custom illustration for website
Custom illustrations I realised for “Mamme In Mostra” website and social media.

Visual elements used regularly throughout your content, whether it’s your website, your blog or your social media, can improve engagement. This is because illustration offers ways to communicate in a very relatable way.

When you think of your brand, think about it as if it was a tile of a memory game. Amongst many tiles illustrated in the same way, don’t you think you’ll be more likely to remember that one illustrated differently?

That’s all for now, until next time!


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Custom illustration for website


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