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Frame for your illustration prints

Find the perfect frame for your illustration prints

Now that you’ve bought art for your wall, it’s time to find the perfect frame for your illustration prints. 

In this article, I’ll talk about some aspects to consider when selecting a frame.

Do I need a picture mount?

Frame for your illustration prints

Picture mounts (or mats as they are called in America) are an extra layer of material, usually made of thick paper, that surrounds your print. Most importantly picture mount sits in between the glass and your art print preventing the glass from sticking to the picture and also the formation of any condensation that may damage the artwork. 

Having a mount gives you also some flexibility in terms of sizing. You don’t have to find a frame that’s exactly the same dimensions as your print. You can just buy a bigger frame and use a mount to adapt the print within the frame. 

If you are wondering whether your illustration print looks better with or without a mount, that’s totally up to you. Some art prints look better with a mount, others without. 

Custom built frames

If your budget allows it, you can consider custom-built frames. 

If you are based in the UK, on you’ll able to create your custom-built frame in minutes. Similarly, if you are based in the US you can visit

Affordable frames options

Frame for your illustration prints

There are also some great alternatives to consider from well-known brands.

For example Ikea and their Ribba range with frames available in many sizes and finishes. Or the Essentials range from Dunelm.

An increasingly popular option is to use poster hangers like these from Ikea. You’ll find many other options on Etsy.

Pro tip

If you live in a rented flat and you can’t hang pictures on the wall but you still want your place to feel more like home, you can consider using some picture hanging strips. They can easily be removed once you move out without leaving any trace or damage to the walls.

That’s all for now, until next time!

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