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freelance illustrator

Editorial illustration

As a freelance illustrator I can help you make your article, your story, your blog post more memorable to your readers and entice your audience to engage with your content.


You know as much as I do that grabbing your readers attention is vital to get your content seen and shared. Being uniquely crafted around your content, custom illustration will help you achieve this goal.


I will provide you with an illustration or an illustration pack that it’s suitable for print or digital use.

Brand illustration

Custom illustration is a great tool you can use to your advantage to increase your brand awareness and make your content stand out.

I can produce for you custom illustrations that will help you differentiate your brand from the competition while reflecting your personality and aesthetic.

As a freelance illustrator these are some of the services I can offer:

• Relatable illustration for social media

• Animated GIFs

• Custom illustration for websites/blogs

• Illustration to explain a service or product

• Bespoke illustration for print collateral

• Eye-catching illustration for packaging

freelance illustrator
freelance illustrator

My process

I’m a freelance illustrator & digital artist.

When you approach me to discuss your custom illustration project, you can usually expect from me a 3 stages process.

1 You talk me through your project and we agree on a proposal.


2 I start working on the sketch and we review it together. Once you approve it, I proceed to finalise it.


3 I colour your illustration and send that to you in digital format.

Why hiring me?

Are you still wondering whether custom illustration is what you need?


Custom illustration will help you be more memorable since people are, on average, 5 times more likely to remember a piece of information when it’s paired with an illustration rather than when it’s only conveyed through text. As a result, this will help you elevate your brand and differentiate you from the competition.
Illustration has also the power to communicate a complex message in an easy and relatable way, so it will help you get closer to your readers and your audience.


Additionally, being specialised in digital illustration, means that my workflow is more efficient and flexible when it comes to changes and revisions!

freelance illustrator

What people who worked with me say

Mabel was wonderful to work with! She took our ideas of map along the coast and made exactly what we were looking for. She took directions extremely well, communicated efficiently and promptly and followed up every question/change/idea we had. The final product came out more then we ever expected and we were so happy with it! We can’t wait to use her again!

Kelly Alexander - Creative Director at Oregon Media

Ho collaborato con Mabel per la realizzazione di alcune illustrazioni per il sito della mia attività. Mi ha guidata sapientemente per inquadrare al meglio il progetto, è stata disponibile ad ascoltare le mie necessità e mi è venuta in contro in ogni modo possibile. Il lavoro finale risponde pienamente alle mie aspettative, Mabel ha realizzato delle illustrazioni perfette rispetto a quanto richiesto con la delicatezza e la dolcezza che contraddistingue i suoi personaggi. Sicuramente avremo modo di collaborare nuovamente insieme e la consiglierei senza pensarci due volte a chiunque avesse necessità di comunicare attraverso illustrazioni.

Cinzia - Founder of Mamme In Mostra

Mabel thank you so much! The work you did for us was absolutely fantastic and has bought our blog page to life. Couldn’t have wished for better and I look forward to future collaborations!

Joy - Founder of Anegada Club luxury beachwear

Thank you, Mabel, for bringing Revel's pregnancy gifting idea to life through your beautiful illustration and creative concept. Mabel was a breeze to work with. She was quick with her responses and quick to grasp our brand and merge it along with her distinctive style. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking for an illustrator with a sweet/feminine style.

Ann - Founder of Revel stationery store

Let me help you make your content memorable!